Spinosaurus aegypticus "robustus" hybrid


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Prime Spinosaur

Biography Edit

Raised by his own kindEdit

Zar'roc, along with his siblings, hatched in the River area, the same home where his father Sailback was born. The family of Spinosaurus stayed there until the death of Sailback shortly after he vanquished Dirk the Giganotosaurus. There, his mother raised him and his siblings in the Mountain Ranges for a while till his mother died after she defeated a Tyrannosaurus.

Creating a herdEdit

Shortly after the loss of both his parents, Zar'roc, along with Bilbo and Luthien, moved to the Southern Highlands. There, they found an egg and hatched a Erlikosaurus named Riz. Riz, because he was imprinted, instantly viewed the young Spinosaurus as his parents. Since Zar'roc was too young to understand a lot about being a predator, Zar'roc and his siblings took the responsibilities to raise Riz.

During the time, an Gallimimus named Animosa found Riz and kidnapped him from Zar'roc. The Gallimimus thought he was saving Riz while Zar'roc thought the Gallimimus was planning to eat. After Zar'roc pushed himself beyond the limit, Riz managed to clear the misunderstanding. As a result, the three kinds of animals became a herd. The herd was later expanded when Zar'roc was having nightmares and it caught the attention of a bull Iguanodon named Girovago. and later another Iguanodon named Onua.

Eventually, three adult Erlikosaurus, including a female named Shana, joined the herd and Shana became a babysitter for Zar'roc and his siblings as well as Riz. After Girovago and Onua left the herd, but Girovago later rejoining the herd with others of his kind, they were forced to leave the Southern Highlands due to two Tyrannosaurus named Samus and the legendary Solitaire. The herd wounded up in the Mountain Ranges.

Loss and LonelinessEdit

Life for the herd remained normal, though two of the Erlikosaurus left the herd. However, life for Zar'roc changed when Onua finally returned, but was shortly killed by a pack of raptors. Around the same time, Animosa left the herd and after not coming back, Girovago went to find him, only discovering that he was killed. Shortly, an earthquake struck the herd, causing the animals to panic and Girovago accidently knocked Riz out and Riz was killed. After fighting a Allosarus named Rorak, Girovago led the remants of the herd back to the Southern Highlands, where they burried Riz in where the herd started. Than Girovago led the herd to the Game Trail where they joined the mega-herd led by Fernbeak.

Zar'roc came close to healing till a Velociraptor named Nezbit arrived and killed Luthien by ripping her heart out just before he fought against Girovago and later with Zar'roc briefly. Girovago later fought off a Ceratosaurus as Zar'roc defended his sister's body. After a while, Zar'roc couldn't take the burden and left the herd to find Luthien's murderor, but he hopes that Girovago will still accept him.