Nezbit's Pack- Territory: Embryonic Administration and Laboratories CompoundEdit

  • Nezbit- (Alpha male) (RP'd by Packraptor)
  • Fireblood
  • Ayla
  • Rio (Beta male) (RP'd by Tyrannosaurus Aegyptiacus)
  • Cazadora (Beta female)
  • Fuego
  • Viento
  • Mar
  • Verde
  • Copperjaw (RP'd by Oshronosaurus)
  • Andraste (Copperjaw's mate)
  • Luna (Rio's sister)
  • Nieve
  • Mongol (RP'd by Dilorex)
  • Ripto (RP'd by JP-T-Rex)
  • Kita (Ripto's mate)
  • Flash (RP'd by Iheartcompies)
  • Sapphire
  • Pyro
  • Zoe

Deceased Pack MembersEdit

  • Elliott (Dakota's former mate) (Formerly RP'd by Galliruler)
  • Ashton (Elliott's and Dakota's son)
  • Niki (Elliott's and Dakota's daughter)
  • Milino (Formerly RP'd by Hellothasaurus)
  • Vixen (Featherflame's sister)
  • Bindi (Nezbit's and Cassie's daughter)
  • Cassie (Nezbit's mate, Alpha female)
  • Creb (Nezbit's and Cassie's deformed son)
  • Colmillo (Rio and Luna's half-brother)
  • Featherflame (Formerly RP'd by Velociraptor Sornaensis)
  • Dakota (Featherflame's mate)
  • Cerah (Featherflame's and Dakota's daughter)
  • Blaze (Raptor from Featherflame's past)
  • Anep (RP'd by Tomozosaurus)

More to come...