Pre-LTL Edit

Ripto was born of two parents named Shima and Neon in the Jungle. Ripto was one of the last, if not the last, to hatch from the offspring. Neon, his father, had assumed the egg was a dud and pushed it with his snout for a predator to eat, away from the nest. However, if Ripto did indeed have siblings, why aren't they alive as well?

Following rolling the egg far from the nest, Ripto's father went on a potential killing craze. The pack that his parents had been a part of quickly banished the two from the pack. He killed the offspring that was alive, and chased Shima from protecting them. When Neon had finished his rage, Ripto hatched to find a crime scene behind the bush he had rolled into. He saw the murderous father walk away from the nest just after he had finished, and took the bodies and the stench as a warning to not approach Neon. He stayed low in the brush and the bushes, to ensure Neon wouldn't notice the one offspring he hadn't killed. Ripto hadn't known if any offspring had escaped the wrath of his father, as he was too scared to make any noises to communicate. Though, despite he hadn't tried to communicate, he saw no signs of other siblings that were alive. He heard no chirps or scream-like noises, as he waited in the brush.

He saw an adult female emerge from the brush in front of him, as it was Shima, his mother. He backed away due to the fear of being dismantled and killed, as a result of the distrust of his father and the disaster that had taken place. His mother disregarded the trust, however. Shima still cared for Ripto at a distance for about 1 year of his life. Shima brought meat to Ripto, as he would abruptly eat the meal during the night, as she was sleeping. Unfortunately, she didn't teach him how to hunt, as he had learned on his own. Though, he learned to hunt bugs by mimicking the actions of his mother.

Unlike other raptor chicks, despite his mother caring for him for as long as she did, he had never learned to trust her entirely. His trust to her was also depending on his mood. Though, his reasons for not trusting her had paid off, as a pack had invited the two to join them. They saw Shima as a raptor with potential, as she had many scars and was muscular, as well as a good mother. Next, was Ripto. The alpha took one look at the scampy, young, little raptor, and immediately rejected him. Another young raptor had challenged him, knowing he was weaker, and was quick to take advantage. The young raptor stood in front of him, trying to intimidate him with screeches and ripping his muscles, with the intent to kill. Instead of submitting to the live demon, Ripto screeched extremely loud and gave many different intimidating actions. As the raptor ran back to it's pack in absolute dire shock, Ripto growled low in disgust. He then knew, as young and amateurish as he was, he'd need to live solitary until he was finally old enough to get into a pack.

As he wandered from the different scenes, he found himself alone for the next year of his life, hunting in the Game Trail. As his hunting skills gradually built, he hunted bigger and bigger prey (though, none of which being much bigger than 3 feet tall), though he mainly stuck to the bugs, as they were the easiest. Despite the easy meal, it developed into somewhat malnourishment. He also gained speed and stamina because of the bugs he chased and jumped to catch.

Personality Facts - What Traits and Why Edit

  • As a result of his father's massacre, he often doesn't bother with raptors or other animals while they are in an angry or upset mood and decides to leave them be.
  • He is a very quiet raptor. Ever since his first day alive, he has communicated as little as possible in chirps and other noises. He predominantly uses body language and expressions when he needs to communicate.
  • Ripto will hide many of his 'soft' emotions and even trust until a raptor proves him or her self, as he did with his mother. She had never truly proven herself to Ripto, as taking care of him was motherly instincts. Her leaving for another pack had set this trait in stone, as this was his own mother that had betrayed him.
  • Due to the incident with the young raptor in the pack that had incorporated his mother, he has a lot of gut. Despite he may not have as much muscle as other raptors due to a bit of malnourishment, his gutsy, persistent, and chance-taking personality makes up for it.
  • As he lived off of bugs and other insects for a portion of his life, he has gained speed and stamina from catching them.

If a raptor has gained his trust by proving his or her self, he will guard them with his life. This also applies to offspring if they are threatened, however he does not know how to take care of offspring, as a normal male wouldn't.

Introduction into LTL Edit

In the first few months of Ripto's life in LTL, it had been nothing but action packed. He took part in trademark fights such as Armageddon after being initiated into a pack, and also found a mate.

Ripto first appeared in LTL in the Game Trail, not far from the Jungle. He was catching bugs when he came across a Raptor pack; Nezbit's pack. The pack was fighting off a pack of Spitters, and Ripto's gutsy side quickly came in. As a lone, nomadic raptor, he quickly jumped in on the scene, hoping to be initiated into their pack. The pack leader, Nezbit, was pleasantly surprised with the newcomer's performance and felt he had proven himself worthy. The Dilophosaur pack had been a pack led by Swiftcrest and Dilly (RP'd by Dilophoraptor Rex and dilly_dilophosaur) and were forced to retreat due to Ripto jumping in on the scene, also giving the raptors a free meal.

Nezbit was highly impressed with the small raptor's performance and had initiated him into his pack. Nezbit and the rest of the pack, including Ripto, headed back to their territory, The Embryonics Administration and Laboratories Compound. Here is where Kita, Ripto's mate, confronts him and almost forces him to become her mate. Ripto did not want a mate at the time, however, he had no choice in the matter.

After he had explored the EmbryLabs room from room, Ripto lay next to a wall trying to sleep and rolling around goofily, he felt a shadow appear over his body. He opened one eye to find a female raptor standing over him. Shocked, he jerked his head up, wondering why the female was here with him. She began chirping to him and rubbing against his body. As Kita was trying to impress Ripto, he grew impatient and growled at the female, wishing she would leave. She grew angry at his reluctance, and hissed, putting on a thread display. After realizing how serious this female really was, he grudgingly accepted her as his mate. Despite not wanting a mate, he was forced into accepting Kita as his own.

However, since Ripto wasn't happy, he viewed Kita as the annoying figure in his life. He temporarily wanted nothing to do with Kita, and tried to keep away from her. She often annoyed him, and he often traveled with Nezbit to both help his leader and get away from his mate. Though, his in time away, a little Compsognathus named Toshiko kept Kita occupied and gave Ripto some time away from Kita. He always made sure Kita stayed while he traveled with Nezbit in preparation for Armageddon.

Nezbit and Ripto traveled throughout the Jungle to find Axis, a Sorna-Nublar raptor cross with a military structured pack. When Axis and Ripto had first met, Axis began staring into Ripto's eyes and trying to obviously figure out his personality. Axis hadn't left a very good impression on Ripto, and he was eager to leave. However, Axis had agreed to help the Labs pack on defending their territory against Mal, a raptor looking to exterminate all other raptor packs on Sorna. They returned to the EmbryLabs, alerting the rest of the pack that Axis would take part in the massacre.

Armageddon Edit

In the battle that was Armageddon, the Labs pack, Rhynne's pack, Axis' pack, Dread's pack (RP'd by TheHunter) all resided to the EmbryLabs to be ready for Mal and the Newmoons. Rio, Ripto, and other raptors of significance headed out to the Newmoons nest. To their surprise, they found the nest empty, and the Newmoons gone. Rio, leading the group of raptors, hurriedly ran back to the Labs, realizing the Newmoons had tricked them. When they arrived, the Newmoons were already awaiting Rio's arrival at his own territory.

While Nezbit and Rio took on the leader of the Newmoons who was Mal, Ripto had a fight of his own. Maldad was hired by Neon, Ripto's father, secretly. Neon was on a quest to find and kill his son, Ripto. As he traveled throughout the raptor packs, he came across the Newmoons and had heard about their upcoming battle and rivalry with the Labs pack. Convinced his son was in the Labs pack, he secretly snuck into Maldad's cave while the Newmoons were out for a hunt. He had let Maldad know the small, maroon raptor in the pack was his son and he was to be fixated on him and kill him. Neon left before Maldad, a mental raptor, could attack Neon himself and awaited his son's death by Maldad.

In Armageddon, it had happened so. Maldad had indeed became fixated on Ripto, and was fixated on killing him. Maldad, a mental raptor, had been put in focus and manipulated by Neon. Unknowingly, Ripto fought off the mental raptor, while Odio joined in to gang up on the amateur fighter. Odio, nor any other Newmoons, knew about Neon showing up to Maldad that day.

A post during Armageddon, and the fight between Ripto, Odio, and Maldad can be seen below:

"Ripto continued watching the two raptors take anger out on each other. Maldad continued to Odio, and began screeching with all different tones. His quills flickered, and went to bite Odio's neck. Odio grew angry, and snapped back at Maldad, as a warning to him. Maldad turned his attention back to Ripto. However, an idea sparked Odio's mind..

Maldad turned back to Ripto quickly. While Ripto wasn't watching, Odio made a run for the room where Zoe and the other injured raptors were, knowing something was in the room. Ripto saw Odio zoom passed him, and was lost as to what he should do at this moment. He wasn't sure if he should follow - which would result in Maldad also following - or let him go. Ripto decided to challenge himself, and followed. He'd work himself up enough to get Maldad in line if he focused on any other raptor.

Odio continued zooming through the halls, Ripto swiftly followed behind him, growling with anger. Odio made many sharp turns, trying to confuse Ripto. Maldad was alongside Ripto, biting him anywhere he could. Ripto was finally losing all patience..
Maldad lashed Ripto's side with his claws. Ripto had finally had enough of Maldad's abuse while following Odio, to see where he was going, and what he was going to do. Ripto turned, in a truly angry state, and bit the neck of Maldad. Maldad pulled away, causing Ripto's teeth to slide through his hide. Maldad now had linear wounds on his neck. He turned to find Odio. He was no where to be seen. Then, it dawned on him yet again. He was heading for the room with the injured raptors, and also.. Kita.

Ripto, for once, went into overdrive due to his mate. Ripto did indeed find Kita annoying at times, but in no way did he want her to be killed by these monsters. He trampled through the halls, following Odio's scent and finally catching up to him. Ripto leapt onto the back of Odio, his sickle claw puncturing his hide. Odio bit a soft part of Ripto's tail quite hard in return. Ripto almost screamed in pain, and his claws lashed at Odio. Maldad was behind them, waiting for his oppurtunity to get Ripto.

Ripto fell off Odio with a hard thump. He laid there for a minute or two, but got back up on his feet to chase him yet again. It was in Ripto's personality to be persistent. He'd fight off both of them if he had to. One due to his will to reach the room, and another due to his mental fixation.

Odio reached his destination, and continuously slammed into the door to open it. The old hinges finally gave, and Odio headed in. He saw numerous raptors. One being a particularly young, vulnerable female, who was still able bodied..

Kita watched Odio approach. She was lost as to who this raptor was. She growled, though was extremely intimidated. She was in shock, despite seeing Ripto on the other side of the doorway, blocked by a Newmoon.

Ripto hurried. Right now, he was ignoring the attacks Maldad launched on him. He wanted to get to that room, and Maldad wouldn't stop him.

A swift, young Newmoon jumped in front of Ripto as he was about to enter the room. Ripto finally realized- Odio must've set this up. Odio must've known that the foes would be keeping some raptors from the fighting, and got a Newmoon ready and in hiding to stop any raptors who followed. This Newmoon happened to be younger then Ripto, per say in training, and Ripto knew there was no way for him to get through him in time without killing him.

Ripto backed up, ran, and launched himself at the Newmoon. He bit his neck to reinforce his jump, and stabbed his claw into his chest. Ripto headed for his heart. He tore open his skin, and ripped out the organ. He threw the organ at Maldad with his mouth, hitting the raptor in the face. Ripto crouched, and rocketed himself up off of the body. As Maldad was distracted with what had hit him in the face, Ripto headed into the room after Odio.

Odio was standing above Kita's body, a sign of overpowering her. Odio reached for Kita's neck, grabbed it, and bit it hard. Kita let out a yelp, and the other injured raptors watched. He grabbed her leg and crunched down on it, fracturing it.

Ripto screeched in anger and headed for Odio. Maldad headed for an injured raptor.. but wasn't interested in that. He saw a small creature near the raptor. A Compsognathus. He grinned evilly to the Compy, wanting to eat it alive..

Ripto felt that he was failing. It angered him greatly. He slapped Odio with his tail, and bit Maldad's tail. He turned around, looking at Ripto. Ripto's eyes moved back and forth between the two Newmoons. He was in a mess.

Odio, too, now saw the injured raptor. He moved in. Ripto told Kita through body language to not move - not that she could very well, due to Odio's horrible bite. She'd be back up on her feet soon, he bit hard, but not for long. He was keeping an eye on Ripto.
Odio moved toward the injured raptor, wanting to hurt it. Ripto scrambled to get to Odio, staring the hurt raptor in the face. Ripto was taking quite a beating from the two Newmoons. Maldad again, had a fixed stare on Ripto. He wouldn't hurt Toshiko.. he now had the drive to kill Ripto. Ripto clamped harder and harder on his tail, causing his drive to go higher and higher. He kept on eye on Odio, and kicked Odio with his foot, causing the raptor to screech in pain, right in front of the raptor's face. The raptor looked terrified. Spit flew onto the raptor. Ripto, still, kept himself fighting off the both of them, even if they were both fixed on a raptor, one of which being himself. He feared for what Odio may do to the injured raptor, but Ripto would intervene to stop the damage, so it wouldn't go very far."

However, despite not being hired by Neon to kill Ripto, he still had a particular hate for Odio. Odio had injured his mate, Kita, looking to cause him mental pain over physical pain. The three raptors battled it out with occasional help from Fireblood, the son of Nezbit, when Ripto was considerably exhausted and could barely keep up with the Newmoons chaos. However, after receiving quite a beating and occasionally tricked, Maldad and Odio retreated into the Jungle. When they had escaped, Ripto filled with anger. To this day, he would kill Maldad and Odio due to what they've done and because of the anger he felt after they had escaped. Soon after Armageddon, Hurricane David swept over Sorna, temporarily shaking up the Laboratory.

Neon - The Butcher in His Day Edit

Neon, Ripto's father, is a different type of father. Unlike most parents on Sorna, Neon made an appearance in LTL. To see his life before LTL, go to "Pre-LTL".

Due to Neon's apparent fixation on killing his last offspring, he wandered throughout Sorna to seek the different raptor packs. He secretly snuck upon each pack- Axis, Rhynne, Dread, and even the Newmoons. When he arrived at the Newmoon's nest, he snuck inside the cave where Maldad, a mental raptor, was kept while the Newmoons were out for a hunt. He alerted Maldad that his son whom he wanted to kill was in the Labs pack and to kill the small maroon raptor for Neon. He quickly left the scene before the other Newmoons arrived.

Knowing Maldad would be outsmarted by his son's clever ways, he insisted upon taking it up himself to kill Ripto. He left from his own cave, and set out to find the Labs. His reasoning to kill Ripto was because he wanted no offspring to be carrying his genes or his "trademarks". Neon firmly believed there was no other raptor like himself, and also hated the fact that Ripto had the same traits as himself. Ripto has the same eye as Neon, which is orange fading into red. Ripto also has the same blue stripe as Neon, which is where Neon got his name from. Ripto and Neon's stripes both vary in the tone of blue depending on the angle and lighting.

Neon also felt Ripto should die at his own claws because of the fact that he had simply survived. He had joined a pack, he had found a mate, and he had made a life out of himself. Neon felt this because the day his offspring hatched he purposely malnourished them, causing them to be vulnerable and intended to kill them all, while he forgot little Ripto hiding in the bush silently. He wanted Ripto to die brutally, slowly, and painfully due to not revealing himself that day and living. He would like to pay tribute to his son's life by killing Ripto himself.

He had arrived at the Labs during the night, and waited until earlier in the morning to reveal his presence. The alpha, Nezbit, and Ripto, his son, approached him. Nezbit immediately noticed the similarities between the two raptors, and breathed down Neon's neck as he was a potential intruder into the territory. Due to Nezbit breathing down Neon's neck, Neon had a very negative opinion about Nezbit. Neon saw Nezbit as a power hungry, wanna-be warrior always looking to overpower yet another raptor. Due to his grim opinion, Neon stared Nezbit eye to eye, face to face, until he and Ripto went to battle it out after Ripto realized Neon was his father, mentally and physically.

Ripto had made the first move against Neon, and copied the tactics he had used in killing Ripto's siblings. Ripto had leaned in and pierced the side of Neon, the same way Neon had 2 years ago. Neon grew extremely angry, while Ripto was developing a smirk on his face. Ripto planned on killing his father brutally as well, despite his malnourishment caused by Neon.

To cause mental pain for Ripto, Neon grabbed a body of a dead Newmoon from the former fight. He pierced the body's side, slashed it's chest, and threw it around like a puppet, trying to recreate the scene from the nest slaughter. He believed Ripto would eventually crack mentally, just like Neon had. Except when Neon tried his scare tactics, Ripto had mentally blocked the memories of his siblings and it fueled his later assault on Neon. Few raptors around them actually knew what was going on between the two, and could only wonder what their body language meant.

The two finally tensed, and launched themselves at each other after staring each other in the eye. Each had advantages. Neon was a mastermind of making and carrying out plans, while Ripto was fighting in his home turf, and was also younger. He was sneaky, though both were equally as clever. Both had lost patience to kill each other- they could wait no longer.

After Neon's first attack, which Ripto dodged, Neon launched himself toward Ripto again. As the older raptor was about to land on top of him, Ripto didn't run. He stayed, and ran under Neon, foiling Neon's plan and creating his own. Neon was confused by this, and was unsure if it was a form of submission. However, it was anything but a form of submission. Neon landed on top of Ripto and smirked proudly. A few moments afterward, Neon screeched in pain, as Ripto was skinning a part of Neon's chest with his claws and then bit it lightly to inflict infections from his teeth. Ripto shook off the skin on his claws, and tumbled out from under Neon. He tore the skin into pieces with his toe claws, and temporarily shocked Neon with the amount of potential he really had. Neon again jumped on top of his son, causing him to barely be able to breathe and breaking a rib or two. Ripto, in return, bit the soft, sensitive part of the bottom of the neck, causing it to bleed.

Again, Ripto tumbled out from under Neon. He caught his breath, and his body got scraped, covered with dirt, and irritated because of the friction. Quickly, Neon ran for the vulnerable state his son was in and went for his neck. Ripto readied his toe claw, and after piercing Neon's side with his claw, he used his legs to kick off his father. Neon tumbled, and rocks and dust went into his eyes. Ripto, too, took advange of this vulnerable state. He ran over to Neon, slashing his face straight across. Neon retaliated and bit Ripto's side and tail while Ripto stomped on Neon's arm, causing it to crack and Neon to screech loudly in pain. Neon slapped Ripto with his tail with great force, causing him to lose balance and tumble. Neon, however, wanted to hurt Ripto in other ways.

He ran inside the Labs, while Ripto followed angrily. He pounced on top of Neon, his own body weight and force being enough for Neon to completely collapse. Neon threw Ripto off, sending him flying into a cart. Neon continued his trek through the territory while Ripto was lying there. Neon put his head down while passing the chicks, tricking a raptor into thinking he had taken a chick. Ripto sped up, and Neon headed for the small staircase. Ripto slammed into a computer desk, the monitor crashing and the glass shattering on him. Glass became stuck in his leg, and he screeched in pain. Neon jumped down off the staircase, in front of Ripto, expecting him to finally accept defeat. However, Ripto wouldn't submit to his father. Cleverly, he bit Neon's ankle and pulled it hard, causing Neon to fall with a crash with a now fractured ankle, though managed to pierce the side of Ripto's snout and use his claws to slash Ripto's side and also bit his neck. However, it was apparent Neon was growing weaker, and Ripto would take advantage.

Ripto got up, limping, and dragged Neon out of the room while Neon was biting Ripto's tail and legs. He brought him back to the area they had met, the same concept as a nesting area because of the offspring being born there. Ripto began dragging his now bad leg that was inflicted with the glass, and his foot became scraped and bled because of the concrete. Neon was too weak to do any large amounts of damage because he was too weak due to blood loss. Ripto continuously bit the area he had skinned, causing it to bleed rapidly. He bit his back, breaking one or two vertabrae. He ripped his body some more with his toe claws, and he was now even weaker with blood loss. Neon managed to get out one last hiss to Ripto. Then, after waiting a bit, it was clear he was on his death bed.

Ripto wouldn't let him die on his own, and ripped out his heart. He chose his heart over his jugular, because the heart was one of the most prized to eat. This showed what Ripto thought of Neon- nothing but dirt, nothing was good about him. Nothing in him, or having to do with him, is valuable. It was the same Neon had done to his siblings. Though, he took one extra step, and threw his heart into the Jungle. He also ripped out his liver, but decided to eat it, to show brutal defeat. He took a chunk of his neck, where the stripe was most vibrant, eating it. He stepped on his eye, causing damaged to it as well. He was removing or damaging the "trademarks" of Neon, which helped fuel his killing spree. He readied to drag the body and throw it somewhere where few could get it, to rot. He wanted it gone. He never wanted to see Neon, his "trademarks" or his horrid ways or personality again. Neon was Ripto's true first enemy, and true first kill.

This is a quote from the post where Ripto destroys Neon's body below:

"He barely climbed on top of the shed, then on top of the roof of the Labs. He had the body with him. He grabbed the tail in his mouth, and got ready. He thrust his head with all his might, and sent the body flying in the air. The head acted as a counterweight, making it go farther than Ripto originally thought it would. It went onto sharp rocks of the lake, scratching the body even more. It then got carried into the rapids, to be carried into the ocean. It would be transferred to the River, and sent into the ocean blue. Seeing the body being swept to the River, he let out a victoriously screech while on top of the building.

Neon was gone. Ripto had given Neon his own treatment. He got off the building, being forced to put weight on the leg that was inflicted with the glass, and got back to the ground with the claw.
The other raptors saw a side of Ripto that had never been seen before. He was indeed goofy, but could be just as violent as the other raptors

Afterward, he headed to the Compsognathus named Toshiko, to help remove the small bits of glass in his skin. After Toshiko removed them, he thanked her, but Neon was still haunting Ripto.