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Live the Legend (abbreviated LtL) is a popular text-based roleplay game created by Jeff 'T-Rex_Master' Venancio and Terry "Tyrannosaur" Davis- the manager and webmaster of Jurassic Park Legacy- and moderated by many. In LtL, players control a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature living its life- which involves hunting, fighting, eating, foraging, breeding, rearing young, and simply just trying to survive on the harsh environments of Isla Sorna (soon to include all of the other four islands).

The roleplay was founded from a previous RPG called Free-Roaming Dinosaurs, which had similar rules, though was closed due to spamming and overuse of superpredators like T-Rex and Spinosaurus. LtL has now set some restrictions on this, and many of the superpredator slots have been filled up. In addition, some of the newer rules involve the players' character profiles being required to match the the Field Guide respective of the character's species, in order to remain "canon". Thus characters whose colours (and size measurements) do not comply with their species as displayed in the Field Guide are no longer accepted. Carnotaurs, however, are exempt from the colour rule.

This Wiki was made to share various information concerning the roleplay- such as the current playable species from the Mesozoic (including dinosaur and non dinosaur species), Cenozoic and Palaeozoic eras (in development); information on individual LtL characters (mostly those that are roleplayed although there are some non-played characters (NPCs) as well); individual species pages; and also the various environments on Isla Sorna. The original Wiki is located here, at Wikispaces. The pages on this Wiki are edited by the people who use the RPG.

Please note that many pages here on this Wikia are works in progress. As the game progresses, characters may develop, become abandoned by the players or die ingame, thus you may find that a certain character's information not up-to-date. It must also be noted that the Jurassic Park movies, novels, and franchise are fiction. Therefore, the information on the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that you read about in this Wiki's articles may not be scientifically accurate. For example, it is unlikely that the real Carnotaurus could change its skin colour to make it appear invisible; or that the real Dilophosaurus had a frill and could spit venom; or that the raptors really were as intelligent as they are depicted in the novels and movies. It should also be mentioned that the stats (size, weight, etc) of the JP animals are most likely to be innacurate compared with the real animals.

If you are interested in joining the RPG, please visit the forums and register. Please also be reminded to read the rules regarding to both forum etiquette and those concerning the RPG before you start posting. Thankyou.


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