Map of Isla Sorna

Workers Camp Edit

Before InGen abandoned it, the Worker's Camp was where workers staying at Sorna for long periods stayed. It has now become the home of a pack raptors led by Carnifax and Rhynne and other dinosaurs alike.

Game Trail Edit

A huge open plain with areas of very tall grass. Prime location for herbivores to graze and carnivores of all sizes to hunt.

Nesting Grounds Edit

A somewhat sheltered and luscious environment, this secluded spot is where the large nomadic herbivores of Isla Sorna come to lay and hatch their eggs. Migration season is the only time the animals come here, as the food supply is usually depleted by the end of hatch season. Nestled between the Jungle and the Game Trail, most herbivores need to migrate the length of the trail in order to reach this haven.

Southern Highlands Edit

Semi-mountainous terrain just south of the Deep Channel home to lush forests.

Mountain Ranges Edit

Combined within this area is High Point, the White Wood, and the San Fernando Mountain Range.

Muerte Ocean Edit

This ocean is home to deadly marine reptiles and dinosaurs tend not to migrate to Isla Muerta because of it.

Jungle Edit

Though the whole of Sorna is covered by forest, this area is heavy tropical rainforest, prime location for herbivores to eat more exotic plants and for sneaky predators to lie in wait.

Embryonics Administration and Laboratories Compound Edit

As with the fate of the Worker's Camp, the Embryonics Center has been abandoned and become the home of many dinosaurs. Most dinosaurs refuse to return here, due to its association with their births and that the area is home to a pack of raptors led by Nezbit.

West Delta Edit

Relatively surrounded by inland bays the West Delta is a low mountainous region on Isla Sorna's east side. Home to a few swamps and bogs.

Lagoon Edit

The lagoon is a location where dinosaurs could come and relax, providing of course they don't mind the Velociraptor antirrhopus sornaensis nesting site that is nearby.

River Edit

Really an elongated bay, the River flows into the middle of Isla Sorna from the Sea of Braso.

Deep Channel Edit

A large network of open waterways and river, the Deep Channel has few prey for land carnivores, but is a great place for marine reptiles or other waterloving animals like the Baryonyx.

Beach Edit

Most things aren't found on the Beach. However, carnivores may find a stranded marine animal, or even human interference.

Aviary Edit

The size of the Aviary itself is about 3/4 of a mile wide, and is the home for the largest and most territorial of the island's pteranodons.