Baryonyx walkeri




10 years


41 feet


15 feet


4 tons



Ingvar is a male Baryonyx walkeri.  He resides in the Deep Channel, and like the rest of his species is primarily a fish eater.  He prefers the larger fish found in deeper water, and as a result is a very good swimmer even for his species.  He has the typical coloration of a Baryonyx, except for the red birthmark on the back of his neck.  He currently has a mate named Frigg.


Pre LtLEdit

Ingvar was one of three in his clutch to hatch. Although he was born when there were still humans on the island, his memories of them are faint at best.  While growing up, he was constantly bullied by his sister. However, he was often able to drive her off with the help of his brother. Sadly, as a juvenile, Ingvar's brother was taken by a Deinosuchus thus fueling his hatred of the creatures. With his brother's death, the bullyings of his sister got worse, as Ingvar no longer had backup. As a subadult, Ingvar left his family, and for the next couple of years lived on his own.


During huriccane David, Ingvar had a confrontation with another, larger Baryonyx named Heavyclaw. Not wanting to risk serious injury or death, Ingvar decided to back down. He weathered out the storm underneath patches of trees. However, and accident in which the wind blew a tree onto him made him decide to remain out in the open.

When the storm finally ended, Ingvar returned to his normal life. He soon caught sight of a female named Frigg. Ingvar tried to impress her, but to no avail. His birthmark made him appear unattractive. He decided that if he couldn't win her with looks, he would win her with strength and skill. He went into the deep waters of the Channel. There he spotted a juvenile  After a struggle he managed to kill it, and brought it back to the shore. This seemed to impress Frigg, and the two began to eat. After a brief encounter with a Deinosuchus named Muertacuatico, who stole half the carcass, Heavyclaw returned. The rival was not pleased that Ingvar had the female instead of him. Soon a bloody battle ensued. Eventually Heavyclaw, being older and less fit, became too exhausted to continue fighting. Ingvar was victorious.

After tending his wounds with Frigg, Ingvar and his new mate went to the Game Trail to scavenge for food, as Ingvar was too tired to fish. After feeding on an Anatotitan carcass, the pair mated and began to make their way back home. They soon came accross a cave, and ,curious, took a look inside. The cave turned out to be the home of a Ceratosaurus named Ryu, who showed them a way through the cave back to the Channel.