Several characters in Live the Legend made appearances in the Jurassic Park movies, which the RPG is heavily based upon. In the films, the behaviors, colorations, and several other aspects of their personas are seen first hand.

Jurassic Park Edit

Although none of the major characters appeared in the first film, the Dilophosaurus seen in the movie was a friend of Dilly (RP'ed by dilly_dilophosaur). Also, the female Tyrannosaurus was Solitare's (RP'ed by Tyrannosaur) first mate.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World Edit

Worker's Camp Pack- This pack of raptors was led by the now deceased 'Chaos' raptor, Nightclaw (RP'ed by Predator). Although Nightclaw did not appear in the film itself, his pack-members inflicted major carnage and killed all but a handful of the hunters.

The Stegosaur herd which the humans interacted with include the alpha male Chithen (RP'ed by _Veritas_) and other members Bett (Chithen's mate), Brovo (Bett’s brother), Calici (a sterile female), Elysia (Brovo’s current mate), and Saline. There are also two young stegosaurs- a four year old called Tal, and a six year old called Clare. Clare was the infant which Sarah Harding attempted to pet, resulting in the herd to panic and rush to their offspring's aid. A non-herd member Stegosaur by the name of Kujo (played by JP-T-Rex), was captured by Peter Ludlow's team and seen later on in the movie inprisoned along with other dinosaurs in the camp. Ludlow had also encaged the Triceratops Mike (RP'ed by mike55)- who was an infant at the time- and his mother.

The female Tyrannosaurus was Solitare's daughter.

Jurassic Park III Edit

Nezbit's Pack- This pack of raptors appeared in Jurassic Park III and played a relatively major role, as it was their eggs which were stolen by Billy Brennan. The first of the raptors to appear was Rio (RP'ed by Tyrannosaurus_Aegyptiacus), who had followed the scent of the humans into the labs to retrieve the eggs. Once they had escaped, the humans were then chased by Rio and Nezbit (RP'ed by packraptor) in amongst the hadrosaur stampede. Both Nezbit and Cassie (Nezbit's mate) set a trap for the humans by injuring Udesky. The raptor pack appeared again at the end of the movie, successfully retrieving their eggs before retreating into the jungle due to the sound of the military at the nearby beach.

The Spinosaurus which constantly harrassed the human team was a male called Butcher (NPC), and he had a particularly extreme hatred for Tyrannosaurs. It was he who was responsible for the Royal Tyrannosaur Queen (RP'ed by Tyranno Infinity) and her mate's deaths during the LtL timeline. However, prior to her death Queen managed to behead the Spinosaur by clamping her stronger-than-average jaws around his neck. It was also the same Spinosaurus that woke Simba (Tyrannosaur, RP'ed by T-rex-king) up just before LTL started.

The Tyrannosaurus that was killed by the Spinosaurus was also related to Solitare in that he was his grandson.